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You can register your team online. Contact us for more information about the current season.

Our indoor netball competitions are graded so you can play against competitors of similar abilities and as your skills develop move up the grades. From kids through to adult competition, be it social or serious, our indoor netball competitions are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. 

All of our competitions are fully managed and serviced by our keen and attentive staff, and all are run from our stadium competition management system, providing digital scoreboards and an increased playing experience.

Best Dressed Season 1 2021 - Wai Warriors
Ladies A Winners and Runners Up
Mixed A Winners and Runners Up

CURRENT HOUSE RULES for Season 2 of 2021
Please note that management have the right to change any and all of these house rules at any time.

* All forfeits attract a forfeit fee. This structure is final and will NOT be changed for any teams:

– Teams letting us know before the draw is done (At least one week notice) that their team is unavailable for any reason, there will be no forfeit fee.

– Teams that forfeit six-four days before the game will attract a half price fee of $40

– Teams that forfeit three to the day before the game will attract the full price fee of $80

– Teams that forfeit on the day of the game will attract a double fee of $160

* To help teams if they are players short, we have players available to fill in so as to not have a forfeit happen. Contact us when your team is needing players and we will endeavour do find fill ins for your team. (NOTE: This does not apply during finals.)

* Any player heard swearing on the court will be given a warning before being sent from the court for the remainder of the game if the language continues. If this is directly at the umpire, the player will be sent immediately. 

* Any violent or dangerous behaviour towards another player or an umpire will result in the player being sent from the court immediately. This may also result in a centre ban.

* If a player has a concern or question for the umpire, this can be done in a number of ways:

– During the game ONLY the captain will be able to approach the umpire to ask for clarification of a rule

– Any player may ask a question to the umpire before or after the game but in a respectful manner

– Players may only approach the umpire during the quarter break, not during game play

* At Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre, we understand that not all players can play in identical uniforms. We do not enforce rules of identical uniforms but encourage that a similar ‘team colour’ be worn to help distinguish between team players. NOTE: Those teams that do choose to wear a uniform go into the running for the best dressed team of the season. 

* While playing Indoor Netball, bibs must be worn by all players and are available at the centre for hire or to be bought. See a staff member for these behind the canteen. 

* As of 2018, skirts for ladies are no longer enforced. 

* We play on most public holidays. Any that we are closed will be posted on the website, our Facebook page and verbally to players. Teams that forfeit on a day that falls on a Public Holiday will still acquire a forfeit fee.

* By joining our competition, please be aware that some teams may draw 9.00pm games as we have a lot of teams and the times need to be shared out equally. This may happen a couple of times per season. Please let staff know what times your team is unavailable for and we will endeavour to do our best but please note that not all requests can be met.

* Players from higher divisions can play in lower division teams if they are registered ONLY and this must be done by week 4. 

* Players can register on multiple teams but ONLY by week four. This will be monitored by staff and umpires. Any player who is added to your team after week 4 will be a “Stand In” and that player will not be classified as a registered player. 

*For finals, a minimum of five players must have played five games with their registered teams in order to make any final. This can be checked with by staff at the canteen when needed by teams. This is not the responsibility of the centre to sign your players in, this is up to each team to do themselves. 

*We close over Christmas for 2 weeks.

The Basics of Indoor Netball

For those who have never played before, the basics of Indoor Netball are:

Players play at their own risk – we recommend players obtain personal injury insurance

The rules we follow here at Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre are the Indoor Netball Federation of Australia 7s Rule Book 5th Edition. Available here via the INFQ website. (Also the amendments.) 

Our umpires follow these rules and if you are confused by any of these rules they are approachable to confirm or explain a rule. 

Interested in becoming an Indoor Netball Umpire? We are a centre that provides umpires with the training and information they need to Umpire In House and give opportunities to go to state and even national level. 

To become one;

– Download and read through the rule book and amendments (linked above)

– Then download the Theory A Umpires Exam, fill it in and return it to our centre

– We will then have it marked and you can begin to umpire with our experienced umpires on court. 

With a view to help facilitate the continued development of Umpiring throughout Queensland a Convenor has been appointed in regions to assist up and coming Umpires, working in close proximity with the INFQ Umpires Committee giving the best possible opportunities for all Umpires to be involved at the highest level in the sport at State and International tournaments.

For further information on how to peruse a career in Umpiring please contact

Match Fees Pay Per Season: Pay Upfront and Save!

Teams have the option of paying for the entire season up-front rather than paying each week.

Teams who choose this option receive a 10% discount on the total season’s fees and you will never need to worry about collecting fees from your team mates.

As we are now using a new system, this is linked to the link below. This will be updated each week with the draw and after each game with results and standings.

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