Junior Sports

Organised sport for kids and teens is often a great way get your children to regularly participate in physical activity. Being part of a sport team provides many benefits, including working in a team, following instructions, developing skills such as hand eye co-ordernation, balance and spacial awareness and helps encourages gross motor skills.

​Creating a fun environment goes a long way to helping your kids enjoy their sport! Here are Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre we strive to create a fun, safe environment for all our junior players including enclosed nets, a gated front and side area and Blue Card holding staff and trainers.

The following are rules we enforce for ALL junior sports:

  1. No sport rage. Sport rage is any violence, abuse or bad behavior on or off the field. Parents can minimise the effects of poor sportsmanship by being good role models and encouraging fair play. Any parent, guardian or adult who is showing any kind of sport rage will be asked to leave the premises.

  2. Uniforms are not required for any sport but we do enforce a closed in shoe rule for all junior sports. This ensures that no injuries come from not wearing shoes.

  3. Junior sport should be fun, safe, enjoyable and inclusive and maximise individual participation. Every child who turns up plays and there are no “benched” children. Some sports are filling up quite quickly and may require children to play on and then sit off to share the sport with all their new teammates.

  4. We encourage children to operate within the rules and spirit of each sport and having parents follow this also allows for a fun game and training session across all sports. This means that while a parent may approach a coach or staff, we ask that adults reframe from using vulgar language towards any coach or staff in regards to the rules of the sport. We will do our very best to ensure that a fun game is enjoyed by all.

  5. While we are a licensed premises, we do not sell any alcohol during a junior event. This adds to the family environment that we strive to have for all our Juniors to enjoy. Parents and adults are welcome to stay after the each junior event to drink responsibly while on the site.

  6. We are a Sports Centre that promotes tolerance of all players. This includes gender, age, cultural background or religion. We ask that families and adults coming along with their children maintain these standards that we as an Indoor Sports Centre hold high above all else.

  7. We encourage all junior players to show respect to to opponents, officials, teammates and opposite team players. This includes shaking hands, saying “three cheers for…” and thanking the ref or coach for their help.

It is with these rules that we hope Junior Sports thrives in our centre.

Our Junior Sports

The following is the Junior Sports we offer here at Bundaberg Indoor Sports.

Junior Netball Monday 4-6 Tuesday 4-6pm

Junior Netball runs during the school terms and starts from 7 years old. The sport is played over an hour and is a mixed event for both girls and boys. Junior Cs and Bs (7s to 10s) is played from 4pm and Junior As (10s-12s) is played from 5pm. We break over school holidays and then return when school starts.

Junior Cricket TBA

Junior Cricket runs during the school terms and starts from 5 years old. We run the training sessions for an hour from 4.30pm and break over school holidays. This runs in term 2 and 3 only.

Junior Softball (Honkball and T-Ball) TBA

Junior softball is called Honkball for 3-5s and T-Ball for older children. Honkball encourages teamwork, building friendships, rule following and developing gross motor skills. The sport is played for an hour and we break over Christmas time only. 

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