Centre Rules

Games Times

Teams will be notified of game times on the centre fixture screens and also via the website and Facebook page. Team Requests must be in on the night the team plays for the following week or they will not be met. Not all requests can be met, even those gotten in early enough. Only the following week’s game time will be available. If you are concerned about the time your team is scheduled for, please contact us at least 12 hours before your scheduled game for us to help (see each sports page about forfeit fees). If a team arrives late or is not ready for a game, the umpire may at their discretion award their opponent 1 goal for netball, and for cricket deduct 5 runs from the offending team for every minute that the team is not on the court and ready to play. The umpire may also choose to begin the game with the players that are on the court already.

Minimum Numbers

The minimum number of regular team members required to qualify for competition points in regular season matches are as follows:

Netball – 5
Cricket – 6

Membership / Registration Fees

No fees besides team game fees apply. Teams can register and start straight away without being charged any extra fees.


To be eligible for any final matches all players must play at least one third (33%) of games during the season prior to the finals, unless otherwise approved by management. Special consideration may be given under extenuating circumstances, in the case of Grand Finals application must be made to management in writing no less than 48 hours prior to the match.

Management Discretion

Management reserve the right to eject any person and/or team they deem fit, from the premises and/or refuse entry on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Please note that Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre do not tolerate FOUL LANGUAGE, BULLYING or ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR from anyone at the centre. This also includes during gameplay on the court to another player or umpire. If this happens, official warnings or centre bannings may be enforced. 


Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre is committed to supplying  umpires and scorers for our sports. Out of respect for people and to uphold sportsmanship, all players will agree to abide by the umpires/referees decision, regardless of their own interpretation of the offence. Verbal abuse or bullying of an umpire will not be tolerated. Should your team have an issue with an umpires decision, the captain is able to approach the umpire at half or full time to clarify a rule ONLY or come to management to discuss the call. At no time will comments, during the course of the game, on the umpires decisions be tolerated. Players may be asked to leave the court at the discretion of the umpire. If the captain is unsatisfied with the response they are able to approach the management and the staff will help to communicate between the umpire and the captain. We remind all players that if we do not have umpires we do not have games. Ask yourself before you go off at an umpire – do you have the ability or capacity to umpire a game or should you just play your game? 


Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre reserves the right to use photographs and video, taken of competitors, spectators or visitors at the indoor  centre, for the purposes of advertising and promoting the facility and its competitions. Those persons will be advised if anything is used and anyone under the age of 18 will be spoken to with their parent and these are the only images that need consent. These images may be published, broadcast or otherwise distributed by Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre in any media and in publications within as well as outside Queensland, e.g. our website, Instagram and Facebook.


Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre and its Management accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained by any player, or their guests, whilst in the centre. Players accept that all sports carry a risk of injury. All persons participating at the centre do so at their own risk and must consider their own circumstances before participating. Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre recommends that all players take out personal injury insurance. We will call an ambulance if the player who has hurt themselves requires it or provide first aid to any injury that we can safely do at the centre. 


All players and guests are also responsible for any personal items e.g. jewellery or watches. If you have lost an item, please check the lost and found section of the centre or contact the staff but they may be unable to help if time has passed. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times as it is not the centre’s or managements responsibility to do this. This also includes children not bouncing any balls inside, hanging off the stairs or running around inside the centre. We have a large enough gated space out the GABBA side of the centre for children to play. SMOKING will be at the table and chairs area or at least 5 meters from any doorway excluding the WACA side. We recommend using the area that staff have set up to ensure that everyone is safe. Any sort of harassment will not be tolerated. 

Please refer any complaints directly to management.

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